What is Preventive Auto Maintenance? & Why It’s Important?

19 Feb, 2016

auto mateninecePurchasing a car is one of the greatest financial expenses you will incur. Aside from the monthly payments, there are additional expenses such as gas, insurance and preventative maintenance costs.

Many car owners underestimate the importance of preventative automobile maintenance. Replacing fluids, parts and inspecting your automobile can keep your car on the road for years to come.

Changing your automobile’s oil according to the recommendations in your car manual is the most common type of preventative maintenance. Other preventative maintenance measures include:

Change air filters and fuel filters
Balance and rotate tires
Align wheels
Inspect transmission
Replace spark plugs

Automobile mechanics will tell you that preventative auto maintenance is the most important thing you can do for your automobile. Regular maintenance on your car can save thousands of dollars in repair fees over the life of your car. Here are 5 additional reasons that preventative automobile maintenance is important.

Prevents Major Car Repairs

Major car repairs are usually due to the neglect of the owner. In many cases, major car repairs such as transmission and engine failure can be prevented with regular maintenance and upkeep. Maintenance such as oil changes and engine fluid replacement can extend the life of your automobile’s major systems. Failure to change the fluids in your car can cause stress on your engine and cause it to malfunction.

Increases Gas Mileage

If you want to increase the gas mileage of your car, you must regularly maintain your car. Preventative maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotation can increase your gas mileage up to 3 miles per gallon. When the systems in your automobile are properly maintained, your automobile’s engine does not have to work hard to perform basic functions.

Prevents You from Getting Stranded on the Road

A car that has not been regularly maintained is unpredictable. As a result, you may get stranded on the road because of engine problems or a flat tire. By replacing necessary parts with newer ones, you can increase your odds of not having to call a tow truck.

Keeps Other Drivers Safe

When your car malfunctions on the road, other cars are affected. For instance, if your tire blows out, you could hit other cars and injure other drivers and passengers. If you get stranded in the middle of the street, you will affect the flow of traffic. It is essential to remember that driving a safe car is your civic responsibility.

Provides Peace of Mind

There is nothing more peaceful than knowing you are riding in a safe car. When your automobile receives preventative automobile maintenance, you can drive your car with confidence and security. A car that has not received preventative automobile maintenance may start one day and stall the next. This can make driving your car a stressful experience.

Preventative maintenance should be taken just as seriously as scheduling a regular visit to your doctor and dentist. The life of your car depends on regularly scheduled tune-ups, oil changes and fluid changes.

If you have not been keeping up with preventative maintenance on your car, all is not lost. Today is a good day to start.

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