5 Signs You Need Your Tires Aligned

15 Mar, 2016

Image of a repair garage

While tire alignment may seem like a minor issue, vehicle owners would do well to identify the signs that it may be time for a service appointment. Improper alignment can interfere with fuel efficiency, cause tires to wear out prematurely and may even become a potential safety issue. Early detection of an alignment issue can ensure the problem is able to be addressed and may reduce the risk that more costly problems may develop. Driver’s can benefit greatly by being ale to recognize the most common signs of an alignment problem and knowing where to find the best maintenance, repair and service solutions.

The Vehicle Pulls to One Side

Improper alignment may cause vehicles to pull to one side of the road or another. Noticing a vibration in the steering wheel or positioning the wheel off-center in order to keep the vehicle traveling straight ahead are other common signs of an alignment or suspension issue. Alignment issues are typically caused by the daily stress of everyday driving, although even a small accident or bumping a curb can cause alignment issues or harm suspension components.

Poor Fuel Economy

Improper alignment may negatively affect fuel efficiency. Noticing a sudden drop in the miles per gallon a vehicle is averaging or having to make more frequent stops at the pump may indicate a suspension, tire or alignment issue. Failing to address the situation promptly can lead to increased fuel and maintenance costs. An alignment check can make a big difference for driver’s who are seeking to minimize their daily expenses and keep fuel costs as low as possible.

Accelerated or Uneven Tire Wear

Poorly aligned tires can wear out very quickly. This is due to the uneven road stress that different parts of the tire are subjected to. Driving on worn tires can decrease ride quality and may even create a safety hazard due to increased risk of tire failure and blowouts. Tires that are worn along only one edge are a classic sign of an alignment issue. Vehicle owners who find themselves replacing their tires too frequently would do well to schedule an alignment and ensuring that their suspension components are all in good working order. Alignment issues can greatly increase instances of flat tires, poor handling and premature tire wear.

Rough or Uneven Handling

Uneven handling may indicate a variety of issues that may require professional service and repairs in order to address. Vehicle owners would be wise to schedule a service appointment in order to deal with steering wheels that have too much play and those that rock or bump at regular intervals while the vehicle is in motion.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Staying on top of the dealer recommended maintenance and service schedule can be an essential concern. Missing a service appointment or neglecting routine maintenance can lead to larger and more costly problems. Vehicles that are overdue to have their alignment check and those that have not been serviced in awhile can still suffer from an alignment issue. Professional assessment, testing and inspection services can ensure that wheel alignment and suspension issues are less likely to cause problems.

Seeking Service From the Best

Family owned and operated, Natale’s Auto Service Center offers a wide range of maintenance services and repair solutions with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. Comprehensive alignment testing and inspection services ensure that any potential issues can be identified and addressed quickly and effectively. When it comes to maintaining your car or truck, it pays to do business with the best.


Natale’s Auto Service Center is family owned and operated. Customer service is our number one priority and we strive to produce the highest level of quality automotive service that the peninsula has to offer.