Finding the Right Auto Care in Monterey, CA

16 Nov, 2015

Your automobile is one of the most important possessions that you have. It’s the possession that you use to get back and forth to work, school and important errands. You will want to do everything you can to keep your vehicle in working order so that you can stretch its life as much as possible. With the right auto repairs and maintenance procedures, you can very well keep your car running for 10 years or more if you so desire. The following are some tips for finding the right auto care in Monterey, CA. The main thing that makes searching for auto care successful is that you find a place that has all the qualities of a five-star shop. Those qualities are as follows:


Stellar Customer Service


Customer service should be a top priority at any auto shop in Monterey. You’ll want to find a place that treasures the life of your vehicle and sees you as a customer rather than a number. You will want to explore the level of customer service by calling or shopping by the shop and seeing how the employees treat you.


Comprehensive List of Services


The shop that you choose for your vehicle maintenance in Monterey, CA should have a comprehensive list of services. A long list of services will spare you from having to travel to different shops to meet all the needs for the care of your vehicle. You’ll want to find a shop that can perform preventive services such as belt changes, oil changes, timing adjustments, spark plug replacements and the like. You will want the shop to perform major repairs such as water pump replacements, alternator changes, brake jobs, cooling system repairs and more.




Professionalism is another element that you will want to have in an auto repair shop that is helping you. Professionalism is a broad topic that covers anything from having the proper licensing to communicating with customers with a professional tone and demeanor. It’s an important element to have in an auto repair shop, as consumers like to frequent places that they can trust.


Quick Service


Timing is extremely important when it comes to auto repairs. Your ideal auto repair shop will be one at which you can schedule work quickly and have it performed “on the fly.” You can usually get a good feel for a shop’s speed by stopping by the establishment a few times.


Low Negative Ratings


You should check the consumer reviews at your prospective repairs shops and ensure that they have a low amount of negative ratings. The last thing you want to do is get involved with a shop that has a bunch of negative reviews and comments. Read the reviews from several sources and be sure to assess how the company resolves complaints. That’s another thing that will tell you if the shop is a positive one. Caring business owners will get right on the scene and try to resolve the issue.


Affordable Prices


Lastly, you’ll want to find a Monterey shop that has affordable prices. You can bring your vehicle in frequently if you work with a company that offers coupons, discounts or prices as compared to other shops. Natale’s is a shop that has all of the previously-mentioned elements. It has prices that you can appreciate, respectable reviews, amazing customer service, affordable prices and much more. Making an appointment is as easy as pie. All you have to do is call the number and speak to a specialist. The shop is a well-trusted affiliate of AAA, NAPA and AC Delco. You can contact the company today and have your car serviced today