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The brakes are one of the most important safety components of your vehicle, however many people neglect to take proper care of them. In some cases, this is because the vehicle owner does not recognize the signs of brake trouble. In other cases, the vehicle owner may be neglecting brake maintenance, which is a costly error. Taking the time to have brakes maintained properly can save a lot of money in the long run, as well as providing you peace of mind that your family is safe on the road.


Why Take Your Vehicle In For Routine Brake Maintenance?


Just like changing the oil in your vehicle or taking yourself to the doctor for an annual checkup, regular brake maintenance helps to ensure everything is working properly and alerts you to any signs of potential issues. The brake system actually involves many components, and each one is vital to the proper operation of the brakes. An inspection by a qualified professional is the only way to ensure that your brakes work properly when you need them the most, and that all of the components are still in good shape.Some of the items you can expect the mechanic to check during routine brake maintenance in Monterey include:
• Brake pads

• Rotors
• Calipers
• Brake fluid levels
• Small hardware components, such as springs, screws and adjusters

The mechanic may recommend replacing some of these components to keep the brake system working.


How Often Should Brake Maintenance Be Done?


To keep the vehicle safe and operating properly, you should make it a habit to have your brake system checked by a professional in Monterey at least once a year. This will give you a good idea of the condition of your brakes at all times, and give you a chance to prepare for any repairs or replacements needed.


What Are The Signs of Brake Trouble?


If you haven’t had your brakes inspected in a while, and you experience any of the following when driving, you should take your vehicle in right away to have a professional look at it:

• Screeching or squeaking sounds when you apply the brake
• Vibrations when you press the brake pedal
• Brake pedal that is less responsive or requires more pressure to work than normal

• Smoke or a burning smell from the tires

These signs can indicate a larger problem with the braking system, and should not be ignored.


Preventative Maintenance Saves Time and Money


Like any portion of a vehicle, preventing damage to your brakes is much easier and more affordable than having to repair damage due to neglecting proper maintenance of the brakes for too long. For example, having the brake pads changed on your car is a quick process that only carries a minimal cost to you. If, however, you choose to neglect the brake pads, they can wear away to nothing and the ensuing friction can cause damage to the brake rotor. Replacing the rotor is much more complicated and expensive than simply replacing the brake pads on time would have been.


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